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Dry Cleaning

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Ashford Cleaners offers the highest level of custom dry cleaning and shirt laundry. We have earned our reputation for excellence through our dedication to providing the finest service. Each garment is individually respected. Clothes are first checked for stains and minor repairs, then pre-spotted to remove any stains and are carefully cleaned. Lastly, each garment is meticulously pressed, re-inspected and enclosed in our signature packaging.


Laundry Shirts

Every shirt that comes through Ashford Cleaners is unique. Some shirts are more tapered and fitted than others, buttons may be thick or thin, or there may be a bold stripe along the collar. All of these details require extra attention, whether washed or dry-cleaned. We treat every shirt with the respect it deserves. All shirt collars and cuffs are pre-spotted before undergoing cleaning in our first-rate washers. Then comes the pressing, either by form presser, hand-pressed or hand-finished, depending on what the garment requires (or by customer preference). At Ashford Cleaners, those garments that are hand-finished or hand-pressed receive the extra touch of a French cuff fold, collar supports and collar stays. If you want your shirts folded, just ask.


Wedding Gown

Bring your treasured wedding gown to Ashford Cleaners and allow us to clean, restore and repair your gown back it its original immaculate condition. Your gown is meticulously handled through out the detailed cleaning process, and then is packaged and preserved in its own special box for your safekeeping.


Professional Alteration

Our skilled team of seamstresses will professionally repair or modify any garment, from sewing a loose button to a modifying a poor fitting garment. They are always ready to fit into your schedule. We have a fitting room so that all pinning and consulting can be done on-site.


Reduced Package & Reusable Hangers

Reduced packaging is available upon request. Items will be packed with reusable garment bags and hangers. Tissue used to maintain shape of finish garments will not be used. Simply return your garment bags and plastic hangers for reuse, just let us know or your preference. There is a onetime $5.00 fee per garment bag needed, so please remember to bring your garment bags back for reuse.

Complete Clothing Care

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